Sunlight is the Only Resource the RainPerfect Water Pump Uses

 - Sep 24, 2011
References: rainperfectpump & treehugger
If you're reading this, dwindling clean water supplies probably won't affect you, but regardless, you can do your part to conserve H20 with the RainPerfect water hose.

This neat device is perfect for gardening green thumbs who hope to make their green space as genuinely sustainable as possible. The RainPerfect water hose is a two-component system that'll make plant maintenance easy on your schedule and on your conscience. A solar cell is mounted atop a generator, collecting energy while a barrel collects water, allowing the generator to steady pump cold, nutritious water onto your thirsty plants. For its size, the battery is incredibly powerful, capable of pumping nearly 377 liters of water through the hose on a single charge.

Inventors ITT Flow Control explained their dismay after noting that suburban water consumption jumps up by 30% during the summer due to gardeners. The RainPerfect is the best imaginable solution to the issue and comes at a modest $125, too.