The Rain Bookshelf Relies on Novels' Narrow Sides for Assembly

 - Jul 27, 2012
Just because a unique idea is not the logical solution to a problem does not mean that it should be discounted. The Rain Bookshelf is a brilliant example of this notion, with the principle behind the way that it works being counter to the efficient and accepted system.

Artem Zigert's bookcase consists of vertically arranged ledges, requiring hardcovers and paperbacks to be stacked precariously end-to-end. With such slender gaps between the crooked upright panels, the publications cannot really be laid down horizontally, but merely wedged side-by-side in twos, threes or fours and covered with more books that are piled on top. The Rain Bookshelf whimsically invites you to rethink convention with its quirky concept and eccentric execution.