Tiny Radio-Controlled Ornithopter is Based on Da Vinci's Design

 - Oct 24, 2010   Updated: Jun 25 2011
References: techblog.ws & gadgetfind
Unlike toy aircraft that use wings or propellers, this tiny radio-controlled ornithopter flies by flapping its wings 40 times a second. A dual-stick remote controls turns, climbs and dives, and a lithium polymer battery gives the ornithopter seven minutes of flying time.

Leonardo Da Vinci's 15th-century concept drawing provided the inspiration for the radio-controlled ornithopter, which is touted by Hammacher Schlemmer as the world's smallest.

Implications - Many businesses are looking to the past to make what was old new again, but with a modern twist. Many people enjoy these types of items because they come with a history. The featured ornithopter is a great example of taking a very old design and making it modern using today's technology.