The 'Bonsai' Electric Radiator Heater Heats Only Where Desired

 - Feb 9, 2016
References: tuvie
Concerns about energy consumption has many consumers seeking out eco-friendlier alternatives to traditional products like the 'Bonsai' electric radiator heater. Designed by Soroush Vahidian, the 'Bonsai' heater is intended to be an aesthetically pleasing piece of home decor.

The 'Bonsai' heater can be used to heat a space, dry clothing and even add a touch of Japanese arboreal goodness thanks to the tree-inspired design. The design works by circulating hot oil throughout the unit and allowing cooler oil to be cycled back through.

Crafted from stainless steel, the 'Bonsai' electric radiator heater can be controlled wirelessly via remote control.

Electric heaters and air purifiers are becoming commonplace for many consumers. Their ability to bring comfort to living spaces on-demand helps to satisfy a growing consumer preference for instant gratification in all forms.