Quora Video Answers are Currently Being Tested in a Closed Beta

 - May 24, 2017
References: productupdates.quora & techcrunch
Quora video answers are currently in beta testing, this according to the site's blog. Quora is known around the Internet as a more grown-up version of Yahoo Answers, and in its eight years of existence the Q&A website has stayed relatively the same. Questions are asked by the community and the top voted answers usually come from those who are experts in their respective fields. Currently answers consist of text and embedded photos and YouTube videos. Quora video answers could drastically shake up that format, allowing users to submit their own video answers.

There isn't an exact timeline for when Quora video answers will go from a closed beta to a public roll out. When the kinks are ironed out (protections from spammy answers and NSFW content) these video answers could very well give YouTube's established library of tutorials and Q&A videos a run for the money.