The Quit007 'Fireflies' Gallery Will Mesmerize You

 - Jul 20, 2011
References: quit007.deviantart & do-while
There's nothing more calming than looking at nature-based photography and the Quit007 'Fireflies' gallery will definitely warm your heart as well as dazzle your eyes. Using long exposures to track the fireflies' movements, these photos capture the flight path of these magnificent illuminated critters and the eerie glowing effect of the images almost looks digitally altered.

What's even more incredible about these Quit007 Fireflies captures is the fact that fireflies can only be found in unpolluted environments, which means Quit007 had to scout out quite an amazing location in order for these photographs to exist.

Implications - With technological advancements rapidly overwhelming the general population's lives, consumers are now turning to naturalistic products to provide them with a sense of comfort. Corporations looking to attract new consumers may consider utilizing nature-themed imagery in their advertising campaigns.