This Office Features a Wide Variety of Eclectic Designs

 - Sep 8, 2016
References: & officesnapshots
This quirky office decor is sprinkled throughout the Mikomax Smart Office and allows for employees to work in an environment that is more stimulating than most.

The space, based in Warsaw, Poland was created by the firm 'Massive Design' and was inspired by a survey and analysis Mikomax did on workplace productivity. The resulting space is both functional and eccentric, with decor that includes spherical multi-colored lighting, walls covered in horizontal stripes of vegetation, floor-to-ceiling photographs of nature, open-concept work spaces as well as semi-private booths to promote collaboration. Using color and playful decorations, the space manages to fulfill the needs and desires that were extrapolated from the results of the company's survey.

The quirky decor that surrounds this office space is in direct response to employee wishes and as a result, improves productivity and morale in the workplace.