The Quicktionary TS Premium Provides On-The-Spot Translations

 - Apr 7, 2011
References: wizcomtech & gizmag
Wizcom Technologies has invented what may be the smartest pen ever in the form of the Quicktionary TS Premium. The Quicktionary TS Premium is a scanning pen that scans foreign text and provides you with a definition and pronunciation guide.

To use the Quicktionary TS Premium, simply run the tip over the word or sentence you don't understand. The pen will then provide a definition of the word on its display. The pen will also pronounce the word for you should you want to know how it's said. If you can't scan the word for whatever reason it can also be written down on the display using the included stylus.

The Quicktionary TS Premium has dictionaries for 45 different languages that pack in over 300,000 words and cover things like slang, idioms, phrases and reflections. The Quicktionary is available now and sells for a cool $289.