Qloo Uses Data Science to Assess People's Cultural Preferences

 - Jul 12, 2017
References: developer.qloo & techcrunch
Culture has long been considered the one area where artificial intelligence simply wouldn't be able to access, but Qloo is a new software system that's attempting to do just that. Though people's cultural preferences tend to be highly idiosyncratic and ostensibly unpredictable, Qloo uses data science to understand people's taste for a wide array of cultural products.

Qloo's AI isn't just a gimmick for giving people an analysis of their personal tastes. Rather, the software uses publicly available, open source data to analyze and understand broad patterns in consumer tastes. It can analyze cultural industries like music, television, film, dining, nightlife, fashion, books, travel, digital media, sports, and even other people.

Qloo currently has some high profile celebrity investors including Sir Elton John and Leonardo DiCaprio. It isn't clear whether these investors represent conflicts of interest, though it would be pretty tough to sway non-human artificial intelligence.