The Gear Cube Extreme is a Mind-Teasing Puzzle Cube Toy

 - Mar 18, 2013
References: amazon & 7gadgets
Based on the traditional Rubik's puzzle cube, the Gear Cube Extreme is made up of interlocking gears that need to be sorted into their color groups to complete the puzzle.

Even trickier than ever before, this extreme version is built with the intention of tricking anyone who dares to lay their hands on it, completely puzzling even the smartest players. Like pieces of a puzzle, the rotating parts are completely different shapes rather than perfect cubes, making it even more difficult to sort them in the right order. Fiddling with this toy exercises the brain and challenges players to utilize their critical thinking skills that will develop and become stronger as they keep working with this toy.

The Gear Cube Extreme puzzle cube challenges everyone to crack its tricky code.