Ruby Rockets are Powered by Fruits, Veggies and Dairy-Free Probiotics

 - Jun 2, 2016
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These puree popsicle snacks by Ruby Rockets are made with a variety of non-dairy ingredients that make them both refreshing and nourishing.

The treats come in an assortment of space-themed flavors like Far Out Fudge and Celestial Cherry, which are made with ingredients like fruits, vegetables, creamed coconut, chia seeds and pea protein. By ingredient, the popsicles are vegan and gluten-free and unlike many sweet popsicles on the market, these ones do not feature any added sugars.

With the rise of healthy eating, many consumers have come to see added sugars as something to be avoided entirely when possible, especially since there are many satisfying alternatives on the market. Puree popsicle products like these ones from Ruby Rockets appeal to adults and kids alike with fresh, hydrating plant-based ingredients.