This Grace Helbig Video Features Last Minute DIY Punny Halloween Costumes

 - Oct 30, 2016
If you are looking for last minute, pop cultural and punny Halloween costumes, these ideas hit all the criteria at once. Conceptualized by YouTuber and comedian Grace Helbig, these celebrity Halloween costumes are for the most part easy to throw together using things you already have at home and all feature cringe-worthy wordplay.

The DIY Halloween costume ideas include: Tom Cruise ship, Taylor Swift-er Sweeper, Heidi Klum-bsy, Gigi Had-ildo, Angelina Jo-Levis, Demi Lova-toe, Hilary Duff Man and Joe Jo-nasal strips. Although you may need a wig for many of these looks, it appears a variety are available via Amazon Prime Now. Some also take more work than others, including the Hillary Duff Man costume.

These punny Halloween costumes are perfect for procrastinators and unexpected plans this weekend.