Puma and MIT Design Lab are Exploring Performance-Boosting Designs

 - Apr 25, 2018
References: about.puma & thecurrentdaily
For Milan Design Week this year, Puma and MIT Design Lab teamed up to explore the ways in which living organisms may be used for the purposes of enhancing one's athletic abilities through sportswear.

PUMA and MIT Design Lab began conducting research in the field of biodesign since June 2017, working with materials like algae and bacteria to create products. Potentially, the fusion of science and biotechnology means that it may be possible to create "a football jersey made from the silk of a spider or a shoe box grown from mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms."

For Milan Design Week, Puma and the MIT Design Lab showcased four of their experiments: a Breathing Shoe, a Deep Learning Insole that boosts performance based on real-time biofeedback, Carbon Eaters and Adaptive Packaging.