Sony Launches Jill Stuwart Designed Game Player

New York-based designer Jill Stuart is happy to show her talent in the game machine industry as she recently paired with Sony to launch a blossom pink PSP3000 edition, Jill Stuart Sweet Limited Package.

Priced at 21,000 Japanese yen (US $234), the lovely kit includes a purse-like pink PSP case with a silver chain and a lace-edged pink cleaning cloth, both of which have the designer’s logo.

The special package is scheduled to hit the market on March 4, a week before White Day, a Japanese-style Valentine’s Day when girls are supposed to receive gifts from guys.

Sony will also introduce PSP3000 Deluxe in bright blue and piano black on the day.

Jill Stuart is highly popular among Japanese young women. Previously, she launched a Japan targeting color cosmetics, "Jill Stuart Beauty," managed by the nation’s leading personal care company Kose Corp.