The Prosthetics Exhibition at SHOWcabinet Delves into Synthetics

 - Apr 23, 2013
References: showstudio & dezeen
Featuring sculptural creations that enhance, protect and deform the human body, the Prosthetics Exhibition at SHOWcabinet was curated by SHOWstudio duo Niamh White and Carrie Scott.

On the Dezeen website, the creators of this exhibition explain the distinctive intent in the nomenclature of their work, explaining that, "The term 'prosthetic' is now attributed to the branch of surgery dedicated to replacing missing or defective limbs, but to the Ancient Greeks it was an altogether more assertive concept meaning 'to add', 'to advance' or 'to give power to."

Thus, pieces shown in the Prosthetics Exhibition at SHOWcabinet range from legs by Paralympic athletes, to sculptural horn tusks and makeshift leather suits of armor. To accompany this exploration of novel human enhancement, Marie Schuller collaborated with designer Una Burke to craft the striking fashion film 'Bound.' This presentation draws attention to the increasingly prominent theme of human body modification uniting art, fashion and technology into one multifaceted model of exploration.