ChinaKing Combines World's First With Copycat Design (IRONIC)

 - Jun 14, 2008
References: google & engadget
Leave it to China to produce the world's first projector cellphone that also happens to be an iPhone clone. Only in China would an innovation and copycat design live happily together.

And it is not a concept or prototype, it is a real product. However, it is currently only available in China (where it is okay to abuse another company's copyright).

Unveiled at China's largest professional mobile phone industry gathering, the “2008 Tianjin International Mobile Phone Industry Exhibition” from June 12 to 14, the ChinaKing (CKING) Shengtai phone incorporates an LCoS-based projector that utilizes an LED light source and manual focus adjustment to project a 30-inch, 640 x 480 pixel image for up to 2-hours at a time.

If you have an iPhone or iPod and want projection capabilities, check out this sleek compact projector: