Nerve Features Great Writers, Videos and Content

 - Mar 27, 2009
References: nerve is a website all about sex. You may be familiar with the many popular books Nerve has released, namely their "Position of the Day" series that pictures 365 hilariously named positions with varying descriptions and difficulty ratings. Their website continues to please fans by featuring everything from tips for orgasm to couples discussing their relationships to blogs whose authors are writing some of the most entertaining works of fiction and personal essays that I have found online in quite some time.

With various segments, this website has so much to offer such as:

1) Nerve Lists: Listing the 50 Sexiest Women in Rock, 50 Greatest Comedy Sketches of all time, 50 Buzziest Blog Posts of all time, etc.

2) Boys and Girls Videos: Featuring couples talking about their relationships and keeping it fresh.

3) 6 Specific Topic Blogs: Each honing in on differing topics such as sex in media and culture, news, gossip and really cool stuff on the market.

4) A & E Lounge: Featuring film, music T.V. and books

5) Movie Sex Scene Database: All your favourite sex scene clips from any movie you can think of.

One of my personal favourite aspects of the site is the blog of "Zeitgeisty" entitled "Date Machine." His writing is so fluid, seemingly pouring straight out of his impulsive thoughts into text, allowing the feel of a casual conversation to win readers over. Check out his latest entry on dating older women or his entry on jealousy.

All in all, Nerve is a pretty progressive website bringing humour, wisdom, fun and creativity to the realm of boudoir.