Permanent Arenas will Put Professional Gaming in the Public Eye

 - Mar 21, 2014
References: gizmodo
With professional gaming on the rise, there will soon be major stadiums built specifically for video game events. Currently, video game championships play out of pop-up venues, which are typically found in convention rooms in major cities.

The future of professional gaming will take a new stage with permanent stadiums for its championships. One concept has teams positioned in spherical containers that are picked off the walls and placed into the center where each team does battle against each other. Spectators will be able to watch both the gameplay as well as player reactions from their big wins to their impending defeats.

Within North America there professional gaming is a bit of a taboo profession where people don't see it as a real job. Shift over to Asia in countries such as Japan and South Korea, professional gaming is a way of life. In South Korea gamers are officially recognized as student athletes; that's how big gaming is in Asia.