Perch Interactive's Product Showcase Highlights a Hair Renewal System

 - Sep 4, 2015
References: perchinteractive
A lot of the time, a product showcase relies on salespeople or signage nearby to call out the best features. But with a bit of help from technology, PERCH Interactive created a touchscreen display table for Nexxus that creatively shows off the best features of the brand's Youth Renewal hair care system.

Since learning the benefits from a line of five products can be overwhelming, the product showcase was set up in a way to easily point how this range fights eight signs of aging. The five hair care products are set out on the table and when each one of them is picked up by a consumer, they are presented with a variety of information on purpose, formula and demonstrations of how it can be included into a daily regimen.

By blending tactile and touchscreen experience, the experience seems much more likely to have a consumer leave with a product in hand.