The Startup Imperfect Repurposes Perfectly Edible Misshaped Food

Just because produce might sometimes look a little bit disfigured it doesn't mean that it isn't still just as edible, and it was this exact mantra that inspired startup produce subscription service Imperfect to find homes for misshapen foods. The service produces good quality food that might be lacking in appearance a good home so that food doesn't go to waste based on aesthetics.

While it might be human nature to judge the food we consume by appearance, it is rare that natural produce ever looks the same way twice. While grocery stores avoid selling asymmetrical food for this reason, Imperfect sends these imperfect fresh produces to homes. The fruit and veggies are guaranteed to be ripe, edible and inexpensive -- the only catch is that might look a little more curved, round or asymmetrical than what you're use to.