Living Lettuce's Produce Package Celebrates Health & Sustainability

 - Jun 30, 2015
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If you were to open up the produce package for Living Lettuce, you'd find an all-natural, sustainable vegetable that's been created with aquaponics. This fish-fertilized lettuce is so natural, it even comes with some of the roots still attached, which is a real testament to how fresh the produce is.

Since aquaponics opens up the possibilities for growing food locally year-round, the fact that the lettuce is grown in Texas is a big selling feature on the packaging.

The protective produce package is completely opaque, with a handle for ease of carrying the product out of the store. Images on this section of the produce bag help consumers begin to understand the origins of the product, since aquaponics is new to many. The dynamic lettuce packaging design was created by Garry Veda, the Art Director and Senior Designer at LAMA design studio.