This Raspberry-Flavored Probiotic Supplement is Designed for Kids

Bluebonnet recently expanded its line of children's products with an easy-to-ingest probiotic supplement. For many children, swallowing pills is both an uncomfortable and unpleasant experience. As a result, Bluebonnet has developed a chewable waffer that makes it easy for children to get a daily dose of probiotics.

Bluebonnet's Super Earth’s Rainforest Animalz Probiotic Chewable Wafers is a dietary supplement that is specially designed for children. The supplement itself is made from the probiotics DDS-1 strain and Bifidobacterium bifidum, both of which have been shown to aid in healthy digestion and boost immunity. To make the probiotic supplement easier for children to consume, each tablet is chewable and boasts a delicious raspberry flavor.

Ideal for children ages three and up, the chewable supplement gives parents a better option when it comes to adding probiotics to their child's diet.