Lets Users Create Unique Cards for Each Online Merchant

 - Jun 22, 2017
References: privacy & producthunt
Many consumers don't think about it all that often, but using a credit card online is a major act of trust, and is a software service that makes it harder (if not impossible) for merchants to abuse that trust. The software lets its users create functional, unique credit card numbers for every merchant that they purchase from, preventing merchants from having the opportunity to hijack one's card information (and thus torpedo one's credit.) has two different card options. The regular privacy card works in mostly the same way as a normal credit card, however it is restricted in that it only allows purchases with a single merchant. users can also set strict limits on their regular cards, with single purchase, monthly, yearly, or total limits available. For even more security, also offers 'burner cards' that will only allow a single purchase before becoming invalid.'s cards are sponsored by Visa, so they can be used at any location where Visa is accepted. The online plugin is currently only available for the Firefox browser.