Prismatic by Christos Karantzolas Brings Color Couture to the Pool

One might expect Speedos, bathrobes and birthday suits to be the most popular getups at the men's baths, but Prismatic by Christos Karantzolas features a vibrant line of ensembles to match the fluorescent mood lighting and the bright cyan of the chlorinated jacuzzi.

Full-body wetsuits, lycra garments and spandex swimsuits are indeed flaunted by the dreamboat Nikola Jovanovic. Stylist Kyle Anderson curiously paired these chromatic and busily patterned pieces by H&M with mod colorful fur coats and capes from Michael Kors, Helen Yarmak and Adrienne Landau.

The psychedelic effect is mesmerizing. Neon lights along the pool deck and in the sauna contribute to the vivid and hallucinatory look of the Schön! magazine editorial. The superficial tackiness of Prismatic by Christos Karantzolas actually showcases the best of the male model's greased up body and fabulous flashiness of his outfits.