The Primitive SS 2012 Lookbook Projects the Skate Team Lifestyle

The Primitive SS 2012 lookbook follows the company's skate team for a full day of board sessions. The team members lead a lazy, yet painfully chic life filled with ritzy houses, Jaguars and ping pong. Who could ask for more?

The Primitive video and lookbook showcase the coming spring line. The collection features a series of snapbacks, fitted caps, skate shoes and Ts with the signature Primitive look. The apparel is fit for riding and the accompanying chilling that comes with the skateboarding lifestyle. The trousers slouch to perfection, and each t-shirt hangs coolly off the frame.

Primitive is based in Encino, California but has recently set up shop in Berlin. The company boasts premium street apparel and skateboarding accessories, including trucks and bearings.