PrimaLuceLabs' Modified Nikon D5500 Stays the Perfect Temperature

 - Oct 17, 2016
References: primalucelab & theverge
PrimaLuceLabs' new, modified Nikon D5500 camera is designed specifically for astrophotographers.

When taking photos of the night sky, the best way to capture bright stars with a regular camera setup is to leave long exposure times. However, exposing digital cameras for extended periods often heats up the sensor, which results in high levels of noise. PrimaLuceLabs' modified camera uses a special cooling system that attaches to the back of the camera body and keeps it at a finely tuned temperature for as long as the camera is in use. Thus, while normal camera use will heat a camera to 68 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer, PrimaLuceLabs' camera will be cooled to precisely 28.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Though one might not expect temperature to have a visible effect of photographic noise, the results from PrimaLuceLabs' tests are evident even to amateurs.