The Simpsons Imagines Both Presidential Election Results Satirically

 - Aug 2, 2016
References: youtube & designtaxi
Following a promotion that portrayed Homer Simpson playing Pokémon GO while ignoring his children, the creators of The Simpsons have released a skit that shows both possible presidential election results.

It begins with Homer and Marge kissing on their bed, who suddenly stop when they realize they have no idea who they should vote for. The promotional video then imagines how Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would deal with a 3 o'clock in the morning phone call -- speaking to the controversy of the presidential election results.

On Hillary's end, Bill answers only to realize that the call is actually for his wife. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is shown next to a book that reads 'Great Speeches' by Adolf Hitler while sending controversial Tweets. Later, a small dog is affixed to his head to form his iconic hair and he makes a slew of strange demands. The promotional video ends with Homer and Marge agreeing to vote democratic.