Google France Creates Première Pièce Boasting Virtual Keys to Physical Prison

 - Jun 8, 2016
References: events.withgoogle & adweek
Première Pièce is the name of an escape room. Yet it isn't like any other escape room. Created by Google France, it requires people to work with Google Apps in order to free themselves from their prison. Essentially, Première Pièce bridges the gap between virtual and physical fun. Of course, it is a clever way to get people familiar with these tools to begin with.

How do people use Google Apps to solve Première Pièce? One instance involves posters on the wall written in foreign languages. People can use the Google Translate app to read the messages and perhaps gain a clue. Another example revolves around Google Cardboard in which players explore a 360° landscape in order to find three symbols also leading to freedom.