These Posters Promote Healthy Diets for Pregnant & Breastfeeding Women

 - Sep 23, 2015
References: adeevee & designtaxi
Brazil-based agency Paim created these stunning advertisements that address a women's pregnancy diet with regard to her baby. The ads come in the form of printed posters that show a woman breastfeeding a newborn baby. However, the breast of the woman shows an image of an unhealthy snack or meal such as a donut or soft drink.

These posters are advising women that what they consume during a pregnancy and during their breastfeeding period, is the same substance that their child is consuming too. These powerful ads aim to encourage a healthy pregnancy diet among women. The posters also share text that states: "your child is what you eat," which is a play on the traditional dieting phrase "you are what you eat."

Even after babies are born, they are still drinking milk that is produced using the food and nourishment taken in by a mother. If the mother's diet is unhealthy, that means that the baby's diet is unhealthy as well.