Precious Famine Coffee Table By Toni Grilo

 - Feb 22, 2007
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Take a close look at this coffee table. No, your eyes are not deceiving you. It's made of hundreds of pieces of tableware. It's the Precious Famine coffee table by Lisbon based designer Toni Grilo. I really do like this piece, however my very first impression of it I imagined what the designer was doing minutes before the concept popped into his head. Here's my re-enactment:

Toni: (fwwwwwp:sound of water bong percolating) Yo, Elder (the name of Toni's partner) this is some seriously good weed you scored.

Elder: Yep.

Toni: Dude. This grade 'A' Dutch MaryJane is giving me the munchies. You got something to eat?

Elder: Nope.

Toni: No, dude? Damn, I'm hungry. Holy shit! I got a new idea for a table! (fwwwwwp) Check it. It's a table made of table ware! Seriously. And I think I'll call it 'Precious Famine': pass me the bong.