The Design of the New 40th Precinct Station in New York is Eco-Friendly

 - Feb 3, 2016
References: & gizmag
Designed in collaboration with the BIG Design group from Denmark, the new 40th Precinct Station in the Bronx's Melrose location will offer New York City a touch more green space. Aside from being an ultra-modern police station, the design will feature a green roof and is planned to go for LEED Silver certification upon construction.

Offering ample space for officers to take care of their work, the 40th Precinct Station will also be focused on more citizen interaction. Community meeting rooms will be incorporated into help make the building more oriented towards protection and community rather than just the latter.

While the completion date of the precinct is not yet certain, what's clear is that this design will certainly shine as a crowning achievement for the modern metropolis.