- Jul 30, 2008
References: members.facecard
Facecard is the modern way to teach children the responsibility of money. Unlike traditional bank cards for beginners, the Facecard Prepaid MasterCard focuses on online transactions as well.

Since tweens and teens are increasingly making purchases online, such as buying music or buying Facebook icons for friends, Facecard is a safe way for them to do so without risking running up dad's credit card bill.

Each card has a specific amount loaded on, so there is no way they can rack up a huge bill. In the case that the Facecard holder does use up their allowance, parents can easily reload the card, making new funds available within 15 minutes.

"Facecard is a prepaid card, gift card, and cash all rolled into one (kinda like your favorite burrito)," the site says.

It's a great innovation, especially with the increase in online transactions popular among younger generations, such as giving virtual gifts, or making loans and paying back friends.

Best of all, Facecard users gather points for cool stuff! It's the best money management for youngsters we've seen so far!