Samuel Adams Played a Practical Joke on Customers with Helium Beer

 - Apr 2, 2014
References: samueladams & tastefullyoffensive
With April Fool's day in the rearview mirror, we can take a look back at some of the best practical jokes the world over. One of the best jokes came from famous brewer Samuel Adams. The brewer decided to release a new beer with an extra strange flavor.

Helium isn't typically a flavor used in beer, in fact helium isn't typically a flavor used in anything, but that didn't stop Samuel Adams from creating a flavorful, voice-altering beer. HeliYUM is the name the brew goes by and other than its amazing vocal changing properties, it also holds a lot of different accents that makes it delicious.

If this were a real brew it would sell out in stores immediately, if not for novelty purposes then for the funny commercial and purported amazing flavor.