Worldscott Shows What Happens When a Powerful Laser Meets Alcohol

 - Mar 23, 2013
References: youtube & neatorama
If you think that there's nothing cooler than a really powerful laser, this video will make you think there's nothing hotter instead.

This video was put together, whose YouTube channel is loaded with tons of videos of neat powerful laser experiments. In this case, WorldScott used a 100mW Spyder III Krypton laser to flash ignite black paper set up over top of a row of alcohol bottles. The effect that's achieved when the alcohol fumes inside ignite is intoxicating; no pun intended. The colors, flames and sounds that emit from the bottles is all the more impressive when you consider that it was simply achieved with a powerful laser. The video shows what happens at both normal speed and then slowed down to 1/4 speed at 120 frames per second. No laser-focus is required on the viewer's part to enjoy this fun and flammable experiment. By the way, you probably shouldn't try this at home.