Poster Child Recreates Past Films for Your Viewing Pleasure

 - Mar 22, 2014
References: vice
Photographer Carl Wilson and stylist Ella White have teamed up for 'Poster Child,' an editorial dedicated to re-interpreting iconic film posters.

The series pays homage to classic movies, like 'Vampire's Kiss,' a 1988 flick starring a young Nicolas Cage as a paranoid publishing executive convinced he's turning into a nocturnal bloodsucker. Wilson and White created a near-identical version of the original poster, which featured an aerial shot of a distressed (or should I say fearfully aroused) Cage, sneaking a glance up the skirt of a presumed vamp. And that's not the only Vampire feature on the list; the editorial also pays due adulation to the B-movie that eventually launched Sarah Michelle Gellar's career, the cult classic 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer.' This re-interpretation is a little less literal, consisting of a below-the-waist shot of the Slayer rocking a velvet skirt, pom-poms and wooden stake.

Other films included in the editorial include Call Me, A League of their Own and Bachelor Party.