The 'Portrait of Women' Leis Photoshoots are Deep and Expressive

 - Apr 21, 2012
References: & photographyserved
The 'Portrait of Women' collection by Estonian-born artist Heikki Leis are dark and markedly emotional. The black and white images capture various mental states, and evoke the sentiments of despair, longing and loss. This presents a new take on female portraiture, a field that usually opts for fun-loving scenes rife with bright colors and suggestive poses.

Heikki began his career at the Tartu Art Grammar School where he later specialized in 1991 in masonry and sculpture. His collections have been displayed at various Estonian art exhibits, according his freelance work with exceptional notoriety. The Portrait of Women photoshoot is different from many of his other art pieces, which incorporate drawing and 3D projects. The break in the mold here has been a success, relaying a handful of female mindsets to viewers.