SafeHarness is a Portable Seat Belt that Keeps Bus Riders Safe

 - Jul 25, 2013
References: safeharness & prweb
SafeHarness is a portable seatbelt designed to keep people safe on buses.

A bus is just like any other vehicle on the road, yet for some reason, they don’t come with seat belts. This got Blake McCauley, a retired firefighter, and Charles Bedell, an owner of an auto dismantling shop, thinking. Through their jobs, they are no strangers to devastating injuries caused by bus accidents, and their inspiration is the safety of civilians. The SafeHarness is very simple to install, as all people have to do is place it over the seat back and slide it down the the seat cushion. Voila, you have a seatbelt.

The SafeHarness insures the most safety for all the people who have to take the bus, including kids who ride the bus to school every day.