The Portable Door Alarm Wedge Will Have Intruders Running

 - Jun 11, 2011
References: firebox & random-good-stuff
This portable door alarm wedge is ideal for uncomfortable travelers or paranoid homeowners.

The clever contraption is compact and lightweight, but has mighty power. Believe it or not, this tiny doorstop has the ability to protect your home and frighten away ferocious intruders.

The portable door alarm wedge is the same design as traditional doorstops, yet it is not intended to keep doors ajar. Instead, once the power button is switched on, users must shut their door and then slide the wedge beneath their door. If anyone attempts to intrude, the door's frame will hit a large button and set off a shrill alarm.

This intruder-detecting doorstop is one badass burglar buster. The portable door alarm wedge will stop thieves in their tracks.