The Porch Potty is a Convenient Yard Alternative for Urban Pet Owners

 - May 18, 2017
References: vimeo & porchpotty
Consumers who live in condos and apartment buildings with pets understand that taking their furry friends up and down the elevator every time nature calls can end up being a stressful endeavor, however with the Porch Potty, they don't have to worry.

Built like a miniature backyard, the Porch Potty is an elevated tray that has a mat of synthetic grass overlaying it. The device can be set up in various different ways to ensure that all consumers can use it. As it has the ability to have hoses hooked up to it along with automated timers, consumers don't have to worry about cleaning it every time their pet uses it. Alternatively, those who don't have access to a drain or gutter can simply place a basin beneath the grass and clean it when needed.

Although the Porch Potty is ideal for urban pet owners who don't have convenient access to the outdoors, it's also great for those who are looking to maintain their backyards or train their pets.