- Sep 14, 2006   Updated: Apr 20 2011
References: popurls
Popurls.com is a cool site that shows the hottest articles on the net based on all the cool web 2.0 sites (digg, technorati, etc.). The content is dynamicly generated and the layout is very clean. If you missed the web 2.0 blast it's your chance to get an quick overview.

Implications - The need for speedy information is at an all-time high. The Internet allows for the latest news to be read in a matter of minutes, with coverage of the most buzzing events assembled onto one page. This has provided convenience for busy workers who have little time to flip through the pages of a newspaper. Pretty soon, all of print media will convert to the digital world in order to cater to the audience in a speedy, efficient manner in this tech-obsessed society.