Identify Emerging Patterns in the Carbonated Beverage Industry

 - Mar 11, 2012
References: trendreports
From decoratively branded bottle designs to customized logos, the Pop Trend Report delves into the trends enticing global consumers. Although consumers are aware of the negative health impacts carbonated beverages can have, that doesn't seem to be deterring them from buying products related to soft drinks.

How does a brand like Coca-Cola retain such a large consumer audience? Is it effective marketing or the longevity of brand loyalty from consumers? In our report, you will discover an abundance of marketing, advertising, creative design, art and fashion samples that use or are inspired by soda drinks. We also include 402 PRO Trends, which highlight topics like Ethical Consumption and Surface Gourmet.

An effective source of data for researchers, marketers, brand managers, product developers and advertisers, our crowd-sourced research will provide your brand with the tools to be more competitive and tailor products to consumer preferences.