Pop Top by Public

 - Jul 10, 2008
References: publicworks.org.uk & happyhotelier
When you are groggily waiting for your checked luggage to appear at the airport after a long flight, there's a chance it could pass by you three times on the luggage carousel before you notice. At least that happens sometimes to me.

That won't happen anymore if you get a PopTop suitcase from Public, a British design studio working in a range of fields, from graphic design to product design.

"PopTop is a new type of hard-shell luggage," says PublicWorks.org. "Using a matrix of multi-coloured dots to create a glossy surface graphic, the further one gets away from the piece, the clearer the image becomes. Lines will initially be limited to a few designs, but PopTop hope to make a web-based design-it-yourself range in the future. Public was charged with delivering the concept as well as a PDF presentation to take to retailers."

I Love it!