Furby Living Depicts Famous Musicians as Furbies

 - Jun 7, 2013
References: furbyliving.tumblr & buzzpatrol
Furby Living is a fan-made pop star blog that has completely re-imagined some of the world's most celebrated stars in the strangest way: as Furbies.

Furbies are best known for keeping children awake with their incessant high-pitched chatter in the 1990s. After a decade-long absence these little chatty animatronic fur balls are back in the mainstream market. Internet users have jumped at the opportunity to use these bizarre-looking toys to their advantage. Furby Living has found the perfect way to do so. These Tumblr users take famous pop album covers and recreate them using Furbies. The result is something recognizable to pop culture junkies, but also mildly disturbing.

The Nicki Minaj representation is probably the most hilarious of them all. The Furby's muscular hairy legs are split like Minaj's on the cover of her Pink Friday album. The Furby even wears a hot pink wig made iconic by Minaj and stares into the camera with eerily wide eyes, another Minaj trademark.

Furby Living is a hilarious blog that demonstrates how both retro and modern culture can be combined to produce something memorable and comedic. With some luck, Furby Living will be updated for a long, long time.