Tomas Marussiac Provides Instructions for Teachers

 - Apr 29, 2012
References: marussiac
Tomas Marussiac has created a unique manual for teachers titled 'You will know it by the author.' The book is for teachers of primary and secondary schools.

The purpose of this guide is to inspire teachers to instruct on creative arts. As a basic motive, Marussiac chose famous artworks from pop culture. The book primarily examines the relationship between artists and their work, and forces users to think about what it means to be an author. The content of the handbook is designed into several basic sections: Advertising and Warhol Icon in the Byzantine Culture, Conceptual Art, Plagiarism and Piracy, Interpretation and more.

The illustrations that complement this guide are the most interesting. Marussiac proves himself as not only an independent artist, but also a good art director.