Gelli Baff's Pool Toy Turns Water into a Thick, Colored Goo

 - Feb 23, 2017
References: zimplikids
In addition to making a slimy, gooey range of products to make bathtime fun, Gelli Baff recently launched an outdoor collection that includes Gelli Baff Pool Pack, which is ideal for use in an outdoor inflatable pool.

True to the original product for the bath, Gelli Baff makes small packets of dissolvable powder that promise to turn "water into goo." According to Gelli Baff, the colorful substance is 100% safe on skin, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, plus it is non-staining to carpets, clothing, skin or outdoor furniture.

Kids who enjoy splashing around in Gelli Baff's goo will also enjoy playing with other items from its outdoor range such as the SnoBall Battle Pack, the Slime Blaster gun and the Slime Baff Pool Pack.