'Polyword' Gives Translations of Objects Using Image Recognition

 - Dec 9, 2017
References: itunes.apple & producthunt
When traveling in a foreign country, one truly gets a perspective of how broad languages are, and the Polyword app helps people narrow the inherent unknown latent in the universe. The app uses image recognition technology to give users translations of virtually any object that they encounter.

To use Polyword, one simply chooses their own language and the language they want the object translated to. They then line that object up in the frame of their smartphone screen, and the translation comes up automatically. The app supports over thirty languages, and since it uses Apple's CoreML technology, it can recognize most objects users train it on.

To be sure, Polyword isn't meant to serve as a practical language-learning app, as it offers little more than single translations. However, it can be useful for travelers in a pinch or simply as a funny gimmick to show off to expats and natives alike.