The Poly Bowl by Martin Zampach is Designed to Play Tricks on the Mind

 - Aug 19, 2013
References: martin.zampach & dezeen
Don't feel silly if you couldn't immediately tell that the Poly Bowl by Martin Zampach was, well, a bowl. The Czech designer's hexagonal bowls look to be 3D when viewed from the bottom. The design is actually made up of three pieces that slot together to form the bowl. The bowls themselves are made of cork that has been coated with ash, maple and alder wood veneers.

While the bowls can't be used to hold liquids because of the hole in the center, they are strong enough to hold most other types of foods. The unique look of the Poly Bowl by Martin Zampach forces you to rethink the design of the conventional bowl. Is a curved and circular bowl really better, or has that design just become so commonplace that it's viewed as such?