Armida Ascano Shares Her Favorite Ways to Denounce Polite Behavior

 - Jan 30, 2014
References: youtube
Trend Hunter’s Armida Ascano walks viewers through a very popular sighting in today’s society, denouncing polite behavior. Somehow manners have become a fad of the past and it’s best to be rude or be square.

One quirky and rude innovation far too cute to be offended by is the super-crude garden gnome. Garden gnomes are known for making your lawn a bright and happy spread for neighbors to smile at when they pass by. This sassy gnome in particular is a gold-painted gentleman with its middle finger raised high with a smile on its face signaling its low tolerance for general gnome manners.

Whether it be broadcasted graphically across your favorite apparel or blogged about on you social networks, denouncing polite behavior is the new black.