Polaroid Tissue Playfully Masquerades as a Bathroom-Mounted Camera

 - Mar 8, 2014
References: lightfog.co.th
Here's a way to freak your friends out when the come by your house for a visit: install the Polaroid Tissue unit in your washroom and wait to hear them scream when they sit down on the john. This concept product by Lightfog Creative & Design looks like the spitting image of the retro instant camera; however, it has two-ply inside instead of film.

Lift the front of the case open and you'll discover an empty chamber that's large enough to fit a full roll of toilet paper. Once it's filled, pull a square or two's worth out of the slot in the bottom of the Polaroid Tissue dispenser and close the hatch once more. Now it looks like the wipes are undeveloped film, obscuring the image of you in a compromising position.