Pokemon Shaming is a Big Thing on Tumblr and It's Hilarious

 - Jul 18, 2014
References: tumblr & buzzfeed
Similar to when pet owners shame their dogs by posting pictures of them with notes explaining disobedient behavior, a trend of illustrated Pokemon shaming has exploded on Tumblr. People have been drawing their favorite Pokemon with signs of natural, but poor behaviour to hilarious effect and tagging it with the #pokeshaming hashtag.

Buzzfeed documented some of the best examples of Pokemon shaming, including both new and older Pokemon species. While some instances are remarkably self-aware (for example, Garbodor states 'I am literally garbage'), others resemble poorly trained pets. While a Lickitung licked all the stamps, an Arcanine set the mail man on fire and an Espeon uses its psychic powers to put stuff in the toilet.